From studio to online teacher 2020

We all know that life is full of changes and sometimes were just not ready or prepared for those changes. It was Friday the 13th of 2020 that normal day happily working away teaching Yoga in my studio in Campoamor. I received a text message asking if things were going to change? I replied no I dont think so totally unaware as I had not read any news. After my last class I felt the nervous tension from the group about the Covoid 19. then upon finishing class received the news that we were indeed from 12am that night all on lock down for the next two weeks. Apart from the panic buying at the supermarkets as everyone was so worried about essential items. We though ok well lets shut down and take a break.

I spent the weeks filming a few classes for the Yogis and placed them on Youtube so at least they could still feel connected and maintain their practise. I was also spending the time researching online Yoga thankfully. After the first two weeks I plucked up enough courage to try giving online Yoga classes live. Besides a few technical hiccups like dodgy internet connection and being a techno retard the classes went well. It was such a great pleasure to have live contact with the Yogis and see their beautiful smiles each day and they were so supportive.

I will always be grateful to them. We then received news that lock down could be at least until May or June. This was quite distressing and panic set in about how long we could survive. Luckily many of th Yogis had offered payment for the classes so we accepted and from that day daily classes were resumed and everyone safe and well.

This is now week 6 of teaching online and I love it! It is an amazing oppourtunity to be present with Yogis from all over the world. So from fear to faith we continue along the journey, happy to say that many are now resuming their daly jobs once again and everyone allowed out for walks etc. For us we continue online with hope that this joy continues along one day soon of reopening our doors to those beautiful smiles again. Thankfull for so much that this situation took me out of my comfort zone and taught me so much along the way. to all of you Yogis from my heart and soul to yours NamasteXXX

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