Benefits of Yoga

Stretches and protects your spine

Prevents joint problems

Increases immunity

Strengthens your bones

Calm your nerve system

Helps you to sleep well

Helps you to relax

Keep your muscles strong

Improves your posture

Makes you flexible

Normalize your blood pressure

Improves your reaction

Relieves depression

Makes you stress-free

Helps you to normalize your weight

Increases your blood flow

Improves metabolism

Improves your heart rate

Brings harmony to your life

Increases concentration

Makes you happier

Improves your memory


Serena Morris

Serena believes Yoga is for every body no matter your age or capability. It is not a display of gymnastics only meant for the extreme flexible individuals but rather a self nourishing discipline within a safe and
professional space where you can explore your boundries and indeed rise up to acheive your challenges and dreams.

Serena is a heart centered Yoga teacher who brings with her 27 years of experience of working within the complimentry therapy industry which shines through within her Yoga teachings. She enjoys workingn with all levels of abilities creating classes from her diverse knowledge of Yoga enabling all to feel fullfilled within their capability. As a dedicated teacher Serena is constantly and always remaining a student to learn different techniques and to ensure her standards always remain high to be of service to your highest good. She has travelled to many places including India to learn studies such as Vedic philosophy, myofascial unwinding with movement, Meridian bodywork , embodied wisdom and Yin Yoga.

Within Serenas classes you will find a warm and non judgmental welcome, a feeling of peace and relaxation. A great feeling of openess through your entire physical body and feelings of balance within your energy. Her signature is her beautiful self composed guided meditations which are the cream to top off your practise leaving you blisfully at peace. She has created many professional downloads over the years. Together with the beautiful sacred space and her welcoming hugs, the experience will leave you with a smile in your body, mind and soul.


Yoga Classes



Hatha Yoga

for the experienced Yogi

6 to 7:30pm


Backcare Yoga

Serena Morris

2 to 3:30pm


Gentle and strengthening Yoga

Serena Morris

10 to 11:30am


Hatha Yoga for all

Serena Morris



Classses 90 min= 15€

Private one to one session= 35€ per hour

Private groups (min.5)= 15€ per person

Matt hire= 1€